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Katie Carrin

Unique Artisan Crafted Rare Sea Glass Jewelry


Unique Artisan Crafted Sea Glass Jewelry

Katie Carrin's Passion and Inspiration

The allure of Nature has called to me all my life.  As a little girl I spent much of my time exploring and collecting the gifts the natural world yielded up to my inquiring senses.  The beauty that I find in Nature inspires me to design elegant and harmonious jewelry that incorporates combinations of freshwater pearls, gemstones and the most pristine pieces of authentic sea glass.

My passion for collecting has afforded me the opportunity to amass an authentic and voluminous array of sea glass gems.  In recent years sea glass has come to the forefront as a rare treasure.  Glass has not been disposed of along the coasts for many years.  It is a diminishing resource since Mother Nature requires decades to turn broken shards of glass into beautiful sea glass gems.  A large percentage of sea glass in my collection as well as what I use in my jewelry designs is English sea glass.  These exceptional pieces produced by powerful conditioning and weathering forces of the north Sea are natural gems of the likes found nowhere else in the world.  This is due primarily to the proliferation of England's bottle factories and art glass studios of the 1800's.  Their "end-of-day" glass was tipped into the sea resulting in "multi's", or layered glass shards with a multitude of rich colors.  It is these rare sea glass gems that are featured in my current jewelry collection.