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Katie Carrin

Unique Artisan Crafted Rare Sea Glass Jewelry

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Rare Sea Glass Jewelry with Gemstones and Pearls by Katie Carrin

#1307  Lompoc Walnut Wood Sea Glass Kaleidoscope

This unique and beautifully handcrafted wooden kaleidoscope is filled with genuine sea glass that has been collected from around the world.  This collectible sea glass kaleidoscope is created with Lompoc Walnut Wood from a beautiful local walnut orchard there.  My dad lives in Lompoc, California and enjoys collecting all types of tree trimmings - saving the discarded bits of trees from the chipper/shredder.

This unique and beautiful solid wood kaleidoscope is handcrafted on my little lathe.  I then assemble the mirrors and internal structure, adding the sea glass for a unique and wonderful effect.  Peek through the hole and hold it up to the light.  Simply turn your kaleidoscope for an ever-changing artistic pattern of genuine sea glass including the rarest pieces - Orange or red.  I try to include all sea glass colors I have available to create a wonderful patchwork of sea glass inside your kaleidoscope.

The kaleidoscope is accented with gold-toned pieces on the ends for easy viewing and stable display.  Because of its interesting shape, they are sometimes referred to as eggoscopes.

Each piece is completely crafted by hand, so they all vary a bit in size and shape.  The kaleidoscopes measure *approximately* 2 1/2" tall by *approximately* 2" wide.

The picture to the left is a SAMPLE of a walnut wood kaleidoscope.  Yours will have it's own unique personality, but it will be created from the same wood & it will look similar.  If you'd like a picture of the exact walnut wood kaleidoscopes I have in stock right now, please let me know.


Our Price:  $65.00  

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