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Katie Carrin

Unique Artisan Crafted Rare Sea Glass Jewelry

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Rare Sea Glass Jewelry with Gemstones and Pearls by Katie Carrin
Click on the picture above for a closer look at this beautiful sea glass jewelry piece.

#915  Amber Sea Glass Earrings

These elegant earrings feature amber sea glass, freshwater pearls and a diamond cut cubic zirconia charm.

My beautiful earrings are each hand-crafted. I spend zillions of hours hand-sorting thousands of pieces of sea glass to match color, size and shape.

Every piece of sea glass is unique so you will receive sea glass earrings very similar to the one shown. I will do my best to try and match it as close as possible.

To see the approximate size of this piece, visit my
sea glass sizes page.

To see a sample of my ball post earrings, visit my
post earrings sample page.


Our Price:  $45.00  
Earwire or Post Choice

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