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Katie Carrin

Unique Artisan Crafted Rare Sea Glass Jewelry

I offer beautiful and elegant unique artisan crafted sea glass, gemstone and pearl jewelry.  Each of my rare genuine sea glass and beach glass necklaces and earrings are hand-crafted.  I pour through my sea glass from the North Sea of England for hours finding the perfect pieces.  I then match beautiful gemstones and freshwater pearls in the perfect hue and shape to compliment these amazing beach glass (beachglass) and sea glass (seaglass) pieces.  I offer sea glass jewelry in all of the colors of the rainbow, so you are sure to find something you adore.  From fun and sassy to elegant and stunning.  I have a sea glass jewelry piece that will fit every occasion including beach wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids as well as gifts for moms, birthdays, anniversaries or just a special gift for yourself someone you love.

Sea Glass Bouquet Necklaces - a collection of rare sea glass, pearls and gemstones. Sea Glass Wind Chime Necklaces. Beach Glass Sea Glass Earrings. Beach Glass Sea Glass Charm Necklaces with Gemstones and Pearls.

Sea Glass Bouquet Necklaces

Wind Chime Pearl &
Sea Glass Necklaces

Sea Glass Earrings

Charm Sea
Glass Necklaces


Bridal Party - Sea Glass Bouquet Necklaces - a collection of rare sea glass, pearls and gemstones.

Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry

I have added my new unique sea glass bridal bouquet necklace designs which are perfect for your beach wedding.  I also offer a lovely selection of wedding party jewelry and bridesmaid gifts and flower girl jewelry.

Custom wedding party jewelry designs are available.


Original Sea Glass Photography

I have a wonderful new line of beautiful sea glass photographs.  The sea glass photos are available in two different matted sizes ready to be framed.

Click {HERE} to peek at them.


San Francisco Street Artists at Justin Herman Plaza

I regularly participate in the year-round street artists' program in San Francisco and you can see me in Justin Herman Plaza Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, most of the year (weather permitting).


4th annual Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival 2019

September 14 - 10am - 5pm
September 15 - 10am - 4pm
Earl Warren Show Grounds, Santa Barbara, California


Eleventh Annual Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival
Santa Cruz, California


Eleventh  Annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

March 14-15, 2020
9am - 10am Saturday - preview hour ($15 admission)
Saturday 10am - 5pm ($5 admission)
Sunday 10am - 4pm ($5 admission)

Thank you for joining me at the tenth annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival last March.  What a wonderful show!  The turnout was amazing, and the collections of rare sea glass and unique beach glass was wonderful.

We were featured on the news - you can even see my booth in the feed, how fun!


Katie Carrin's Passion and Inspiration

The allure of Nature has called to me all my life.  As a little girl I spent much of my time exploring and collecting the gifts the natural world yielded up to my inquiring senses.  The beauty that I find in Nature inspires me to design elegant and harmonious jewelry that incorporates combinations of freshwater pearls, gemstones and the most pristine pieces of authentic sea glass.

As an adult I have traveled to many places around the world happily spending endless hours exploring and collecting sea glass from beaches in Israel, England, Spain, Hawaii, Wisconsin and the Northern California coast. Sea glass (or beach glass) is glass found on beaches along seas, oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass.

My passion for collecting has afforded me the opportunity to amass an authentic and voluminous array of sea glass gems.  In recent years sea glass has come to the forefront as a rare treasure.  Glass has not been disposed of along the coasts for many years.  It is a diminishing resource since Mother Nature requires decades to turn broken shards of glass into beautiful sea glass gems.  A large percentage of sea glass in my collection as well as what I use in my jewelry designs is English sea glass.  These exceptional pieces produced by powerful conditioning and weathering forces of the north Sea are natural gems of the likes found nowhere else in the world.  This is due primarily to the proliferation of England's bottle factories and art glass studios of the 1800's.  Their "end-of-day" glass was tipped into the sea resulting in "multi's", or layered glass shards with a multitude of rich colors.  "End-of-day" glass was any item made by the glass workers in their own time at the end of the day using up the remaining molten glass in the pots.  It therefore tended to be a mixture of all sorts of colors.  Another name for the same kind of item was a "frigger" or a "whimsy".  Sometimes these were fun items, like walking sticks, rolling pins or animals made of glass.  Sometimes they were items for the glass workers' own home, and sometimes they were for sale.  It is these rare vintage antique sea glass gems that are featured in my current unique jewellery collection.

I select the most beautiful and perfect pieces of genuine sea glass from my collection for my jewelry designs. Each piece of sea glass is in it's original organic shape tumbled and recycled by mother nature.  I do not tumble, color, cut or reshape any of the pieces as this would lower the value of the sea glass in the eyes of a collector and would no longer be genuine sea glass but manufactured glass to look like sea glass. I do drill a small hole in each piece and mount it the same way you would mount a pearl. I then choose gemstones and freshwater pearls that complement the colors in the sea glass to complete my jewelry design. I hand knot strands of pearls or gemstones and use wire wrapping techniques with sterling silver to construct each piece. My designs are harmonious and elegant, highlighting the unique beauty of each piece of genuine English sea glass.

Sea Glass Beach

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